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Math Formulas


We are a research consultancy, inheriting from the Waves and Fields Research Group - see the Waves and Fields webpage. We work on software for modelling ultrasound, with applications to ultrasonic NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation), and

cognitive educational software to promote sound mathematical education - currently, of undergraduate engineers. 

Our current ultrasonics project  funded by InnovateUK :

CHIMERA - Robotic Inspection of Pressure Vessels  (2019 - 2021)

(CHIMERA  is a Comprehensive Highly Integrated Maintenance Engineer's Robotic Assistant)



Our current partners are:  Forth, Headlights, Metallica, RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments), Rolls-Royce, TWI.


Sound Mathematics Ltd. is an associate member of UK RCNDE.

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