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Growth through expertise​

History was made in the year 1922. Amongst other things, the first person received an insulin injection as treatment for diabetes… the BBC was founded… and they started building Yankee Stadium. It was also the year that Metallisation opened their doors for the first time, offering a new solution to corrosion problems on structural steelwork.

Like the others, we’ve come a long way since then. To date, we’re the only UK developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a full range of metal spraying equipment and consumables. Equipment such as ArcsprayFlamesprayPlasmaHVOF and Automated Spraying Systems.

From our strong history in the supply of corrosion protection equipment, our customer base is increasingly using our products for engineering coatings. Be it steel coatings applied by arc or flamespray equipment through to ceramics and carbide coatings applied by plasma or HVOF equipment, our easy to use, robust and reliable systems are becoming a natural choice for many users around the world.

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